Scope of Supply

We offer a range of scopes from feasibility and conceptual studies, to basic and detailed engineering packages, all the way to EPC supply for our skid mounted Phosgene Generators and modular phosgenation plants.

Our staff includes a variety of specialists: specialists in the specific technologies we offer, specialists in different aspects of engineering, as well as specialists at the various phases of a project. Excellent planners and communicators, gifted conceptual thinkers, detailed oriented designers, as well as thoughtful and steady operators – they all play essential roles on a project.

Each project type requires a different set of knowledge and skills. We choose the personnel for each team according to the specific requirements of the project. Scroll down to discover the types of projects we handle and visit the Team & Skills page to read more about the capabilties of our engineering staff.

Technology Packages

Our technology packages typically consist of an engineering package plus delivery of the essential key equipment and the necessary consulting services for construction and commissioning from the perspective of the process provider.

It enables our customers to plan in detail with their local engineering and construction partners, to build the plant and to put the plant into operation. By supplying the key essentials, we ensure that the guaranteed performance of the plant can be achieved with respect to capacity and quality of the products to be produced.

Joyful friends having a dinner party during the night on a terrace.
Joyful friends having a dinner party during the night on a terrace.


We deliver our proprietary phosgene generators and sometimes also smaller demo or pilot plants from all our technology areas as “almost” turnkey systems.

In this way, we ensure that the high safety requirements for the material and construction of the plants are implemented in accordance with our specifications and experience. As a positive side effect, there are very short tie in and assembly times on site and therefore reduced expenses for our customers in coordinating the various disciplines.

On-Site Assessments

Due to the comprehensive experience from the different technology areas that we gain or have gained through feedback from running plants and from successfully completed orders, our technologists are able to empathise with your plant or your process on site.

They are able to highlight weak points or identify the potential for improvement and modernization. We have proven this several times in numerous studies and consulting services.

Joyful friends having a dinner party during the night on a terrace.
Joyful friends having a dinner party during the night on a terrace.

Engineering Studies

As already mentioned above,  we are also qualified to carry out feasibility studies.

based on the criteria specified by our customers, assess whether a process is economical or provide our customers with the basic information that will enable them to proceed further with the investment to be made underpinned by CAPEX and OPEX statements.

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