Our offices and technical center sit in the heart of the «Dreiländereck» where the borders of Switzerland, Germany, and France come together. And our products and services have global reach. Both are refected in the makeup of our team and our culture.

While German and English are the defacto official languages, someone visiting our facility could also hear French, Spanish, Italian, Turkish, Czech, Arabic, Polish, Slovakian and Thai! And although we are an international team supplying clients with top quality products and services in a very professional manner, we are still mindful of our roots – a small-to-medium sized enterprise that was in family hands for almost a century.

«Work-life balance» is a phrase often thrown around. For us, it is central to everything we do. Only when we are in balance – as individuals and a team – are we able to work creatively and productively. Both are required to create high quality engineering packages and to design value-producing processes and equipment for our clients.

Achieveing this balance is always a work-in-progress that requires attention and continual adjustment. That is true of the individual team member as well as the company. First, we offer our employees a competitive package with above-average working conditions. Next, we provide the tools and on-going education to fulfil current and future potential. And, we routinely seek out feedback about ways we can improve the conditions for achieving that balance.

Added to that are our «outings» (normally occuring in Summer and Winter), company sponsered fitness activities («Bike-to-Work» in May/June and subsidized fitness studio memberships), fresh fruit and water, and a collegial atmosphere where there is room to relax and enjoy each others› company along side working hard together.

If this sounds like a team you’d like to join, then reach out to us!

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E&I Project Engineer (m/f)
Full Time, Pratteln

Are you knowledable in electrical and instru- mentation planning concepts but also have field skills? Then this exciting position might be for you!

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Projekt Ingenieur/In
100%, Standort Pratteln

Reisen Sie gerne? Schätzen Sie den Umgang mit fremden Kulturen? Dann sind Sie bei uns genau richtig als Team Member unser Projekt Abteilung!

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Process Engineer (m/f)
Full Time, Pratteln

Are you experienced with process design in the chemical industry and enjoy a high level of autonomy? Then this position is the one for you!

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Bei uns bei der BCT kennt jeder jeden und es ist ein wenig wie in einer grossen Familie. In der täglichen Aufgabenvielfalt von Anlagenplanungsprojekten kann man sich ingenieurtechnisch voll entfalten und im Team die beste Prozesslösung finden. Zum Abschluss die eigens entwickelte chemische Anlage als Team in Betrieb nehmen zu können, ist die Krönung eines jeden Chemieingenieurs.

BUSS ChemTech Projektingenieur

Working at BCT has been an inspiring journey, where chemistry transforms into magic. Our team's expertise in chemical engineering consistently conjures innovative solutions, redefining industry standards. I'm proud to be part of a compnay that blends scientific precision with creativity, prioritizing client satisfaction, integrity, and sustainability in very project we undertake.

BUSS ChemTech Business Manager

Either considering the D. Pink model, which underscores autonomy, mastery, and purpose, or the F. Herzberg model, which highlights company policies, salary, and physical environment, I perceive the BUSS ChemTech organization as both healthy and hygienic. The international projects offer a higher level o fexperience and stimulation. Moreover, the commitment to a good work-life balance, further enhances the appeal of working within this organization.

BUSS ChemTech Project Manager

Compared to the previous companies I worked at, at BCT there is continuity in the management directives and business vision. For my day-to-day tasks, this means I can rely on senior/experienced colleagues, on well-archived project documents, clear guidelines and standard practices. Management supports us in taking the time to efficiently record and peer-review calculations and analyses.

BUSS ChemTech Project Engineer

Buss ChemTech AG ist für mich unglaublich vielfältig. Ich mag die Mischung aus Kreativität und Struktur. Ich arbeite gern im Front Desk weil mein Arbeitsalltag abwechslungsreich und bereichernd ist. Trotz meiner vielen administrativen Aufgaben kommt der Austausch mit Kunden wie auch das interne Miteinander nicht zu kurz. Die Buss ChemTech AG bietet viele Weiterbildungsmöglichkeiten für meine persönliche wie auch berufliche Entwicklung.

BUSS ChemTech Front Office