How we work

Our main product is technology packages comprising engineering documentation, key equipment, and onsite assistance anywhere in the world. A group of people with different sets of knowledge and skills must cooperate in order to successfully complete such projects. In short, we collaborate. And we do it in teams.

From carefully listening to the client, to creative thinking and painstaking attention to detail, a technology package requires various abilities and tools to ensure that the chemical plant will operate according to specification and with the highest possible efficiency and levels of safety. Above all, a work environment conducive to getting the most out of those abilities by supporting, developing and empowering each individual to become instrinsically motivated.

We know where we want to go and how we want to get there. Our actions are guided by our values. Company goals are developed together with our people, communicated regularly, and adjusted when appropriate.

What are those goals, expectations and values? Read more below.

Our goal is to be a source of innovative process engineering solutions to meet all the challenges set by clients, chemistries and products, and develop safe and value generating technologies when they do not yet exist in the market.

Our thoughts on «vision».

We strive every day to provide our clients with safe and versatile products and services that improve their competitive abilities, meeting the standards of our 140-year Swiss heritage.

Our thoughts on «Mission».

We are honest and open business partners for our clients and suppliers, and we expect hard work from our employees while giving them high degree of autonomy and respect for work-life balance.

Our thoughts on «Values».

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