Evaluation & Optimization

We have a solid technical background and are excellent at designing customized test setups using a scale-down approach, where processes are first developed and optimized on a smaller scale before being scaled up to industrial levels.

This method ensures that the industrial process is tailored to your specific applications and can be scaled up to industrially relevant capacities. Our extensive expertise covers a wide range of chemical reactions, including gas-liquid reactions, inorganic fluorine chemistry, and phosgene chemistry. We specialize in both batch and continuous processes, particularly those involving hazardous materials. Our core competencies include:

    • Hydrogenations
    • Alkoxylations
    • Amination reactions

In addition, we have significant experience in various other chemical processes such as:

    • Alkylation
    • Hydroformylation
    • Nitrilation
    • Phosgenation
    • Oxidation

Our comprehensive knowledge and experience, based on more than 1000 scale-up projects, enables us to handle complex chemical contexts and deliver reliable, scalable solutions for your industrial requirements.

Joyful friends having a dinner party during the night on a terrace.

From idea to a viable process

Starting from literature search, analytical method development and catalyst screening we can provide everything to investigate your gas liquid reaction of choice.

The high pressure equipment of our laboratory ranges from small scale to pilot plant size.  

A collaboration with BUSS ChemTech’s development group saves a lot of investments in equipment as well as laboratory staff training for this specialist area.

Go Continuous

Many mass transfer limited reactions are actually very fast once the limitation is reduced. Reaction rates are typically highest when employing BUSS-Loop® Reactor technology.

These faster reactions are well suited for continuous operation mode. Constant dosing of your starting material and reaction gas with constant withdrawal of the product solution while the catalyst stays in the loop are often possible. You can count on our experience to evaluate the reaction conditions for a continuous operation mode.

Joyful friends having a dinner party during the night on a terrace.
Joyful friends having a dinner party during the night on a terrace.

Analytical Services

Our modern analytical laboratory can provide a multitude of services.

Our equipment consists of gas chromatographs (GC) with flame induction detection (FID), equipped with standard or headspace injectors. A high-performance liquid chromatograph (HPLC) with photodiode array (PDA) or with refractive index (RI) detector. A nuclear magnetic resonance spectrometer (NMR) for structure elucidation and quantification of various nuclei (1H, 7Li, 13C, 19F, and 31P) equipped for batch and (stop-)flow measurements. Various titration methods for example acid-base, Karl-Fischer or redox titration complete our offer.  

AHF Plant Support

For our customers in the fluorine industry, we provide comprehensive support in our laboratory:

    • We can test your Fluorspar (CaF2) starting material regarding reactivity and processing characteristics with various methods and compare the results with our reference samples and data to give a performance estimation for your plant.
    • To help avoiding corrosion issues, collection of data on material of construction stability is part of our expertise in working with corrosive materials.
    • With our portfolio of analytical procedures, we help training your employees in arranging and running your on-site laboratory.
Joyful friends having a dinner party during the night on a terrace.

Success Stories

BUSS ChemTech delivers first integrated HCR/HHCR plant

BUSS ChemTech delivers first integrated HCR/HHCR plant

Based only on lab-scale tests to characterize the client’s raw material, we delivered a Technology Package for an integrated polymerization and hydrogenation plant to produce base and water white hydrocarbon resins.

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Development of a continuous SBS hydrogenation process

Development of a continuous SBS hydrogenation process

Demonstration of feasibility, first on a lab-scale (batch), then on the pilot-scale (continuous). Subsequent contract for the industrial plant.

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