Fluorine Chemistry

BUSS ChemTech is the market leader for fluorine chemical process technologies. These technologies are well proven over 60 years at a wide range of capacities and have been sold worldwide.

We design state-of-the-art and efficient processes for high-quality fluorine chemicals from commercially available raw materials. The result is our comprehensive portfolio of cost-effective technologies.

The protection of the environment, safety and health as well as high efficiency and economy are the base of our technical concepts.

This is done on the following principles:

  • The entire production plant is subject to strict specifications for equipment, piping, welding seams, seals, etc. which are meant to rule out leakage of dangerous gases or prevent the intrusion of water vapors which could lead to corrosive conditions.
  • By detailed studies of the custom-tailored plant concept, we guarantee highest availabilities, best product qualities, as well as easy and low-cost operation.
  • By means of redundant security and emergency systems, our process design guarantees that no harmful emissions get into the atmosphere and that all legal safety values are respected at all times.

Our Fluorine Technology Portfolio

Anhydrous Hydrogen Fluoride from CaF2

Traditional hydrogen fluoride prod-uction but with an improved process through our novel technology and ongoing innovation.

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Anhydrous Hydrogen Fluoride from FSA

State-of-the-art AHF production tech-nology from FSA allowing phosphoric acid producers to generate a high value-added co-product.

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High Bulk Density
Aluminum Fluoride

Proven state-of-the-art process that yields high quality smelting additive for primary aluminum production.

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Lithium Fluoride: A Useful Intermediate

A robust process developed by our specialists offers raw material flexibility and excellent product quality that exceeds purity requirements.

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Lithium Hexafluoro- phosphate (LiPF6)

Our innovative process replaces current high CAPEX, labor, and energy intensive methods. It delivers high quality product for all LiB applications.

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Low Bulk Density
Aluminum Fluoride

Traditional process technology that converts FSA into a valuable smelting additive for primary aluminum production.

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Our Development Capabilities

Every plant comes with guarantees. The basis of the guarantees, as well as the process design itself, is developed in our own extensive technical center.

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Publication: FSA to value-added AHF

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