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Process Engineer Full Time, Pratteln

BUSS ChemTech AG is a global leader in innovative process technologies for the chemical and aluminum industries. With know-how in a wide range of processes including some developed ourselves, we enable our customers to achieve significant savings in their production...

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Laborant/In 100%, Standort Pratteln

BUSS ChemTech AG ist eine weltweit führende Unternehmung in innovativen Prozess Technologien für die Chemie- und die Aluminiumindustrie. Mit unseren spezifischen chemischen Prozessen und eigenen Verfahrensentwicklungen ermöglichen wir unseren Kunden hohe Einsparungen...

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A New Barrel Housing for a BUSS Kneader

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Polyurethane Chemistry

AnilineAniline is the precursor of methylene diphenyl diisocyanate (MDI) and it can be obatined by the catalytic hydrogenation of (mono) nitrobenzene.With the BUSS-Loop® Reactor, the process can be carried out in the slurry phase with a heterogeneous catalyst....

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Carbon Dioxide Chemistry

CO2 ChemistryCO2 MineralizationCarbon dioxide (CO2) can react with certain minerals, and by so doing, CO2 gets removed from the atmosphere and permanently stored in the mineral substrate.Although the carbon mineralization process occurs naturally over hundreds or even...

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Polymer Modification

Styrenic Block CopolymersStyrenic block copolymers (SBCs) are made by styrene and butadiene linked homopolymer blocks. They belong to the class of thermoplastic elastomers (TPE) where elastic and thermoplastic behaviour are joined together in the same...

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Specialty Chemicals

Traveling through chemistry is a fascinating adventure into markets, products, applications and peoples lives.Whether you are a chemist, an engineer, or just a curious learner, you can spend hours discussing and deliberating the appropriate segmentation as well as the...

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Non-Ionic SurfactantsIn 1992, we commissioned the first BUSS-Loop® Reactor for the production of non-ionic surfactants in Germany. Since then, a significant portion of the world's non-ionic surfactants are produced with BUSS ChemTech Alkoxylation Technology. Over...

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