Upgrade of a BUSS-Loop® Reactor copy
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Ningbo Jinhai Chenguang Chemical Corporation

Plant Capacity

30,000 mtpy (10,000 prior to conversion)


2022 (1st Train was re-started in 2020)

Scope of work

An initial on-site assessment led to a Technology Package that included the basic engineering and key equipment.

Project Description

Conversion of an existing hydrogenated hydrocarbon resin (HHCR) from batch to continuous operation.

Key features

Adapting a competitor’s technology to BUSS ChemTech Hydrogenated Hydrocarbon Resin Technology AND simultaneous converting it to continuous operation.
First, an onsite assessment was executed in 2019 by BUSS ChemTech engineers to evaluate the existing plants based on a different technology and determine: 1) its suitability for conversion from batch to continuous operation; 2) engineering requirements, and; 3) new equipment requirements.
Subsequently, we planned and executed a project to perform the engineering and provide the necessary engineering documents for the conversion (by the client) and to design, build, and supply the equipment necessary for continuous operations. The client then executed the changes to the plant, including installation of a new BUSS ChemTech Cross Flow Filter.
The converted plant performed above expectations and the client ultimately contracted with BUSS ChemTech to convert their other batch HHCR plant. This project was completed in 2022.

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