The Reaction Pump
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Co-developed by BUSS ChemTech decades ago, this special piece of equipment can handle three phases while delivering the high pumping rates required to achieve the venturi-effect central to the correct operation of the BUSS-Loop® Reactor.

The initial development of a chemical reaction is often done in laboratory autoclaves, however kinetic effects should not be underestimated when it comes to the step from laboratory autoclave to industrial scale. The results obtained in one of our laboratory or pilot plant scale Buss Loop® reactors (from 1 to 15 or 50 litre can in the essence be linearly scaled up to any size of industrial reactor, due to the intrinsic system correlation to the energy input per unit of volume in the reaction mixer.

The circulation pump, instead of an agitator, provides to the Buss Loop® reactor the power required for the hydrodynamics of the system. It allows to transfer the high power input per working volume (kW/m³) so that the high mass transfer rates are achieved. New pump designs are now available which allows pumping of liquids with high solid (catalyst) contents (up to 8 wt %) and high gas loads (up to 30 vol %).

The reaction pump is not a stand-alone equipment, but a part of a system with unique know-how, hence some special design features are developed and ensured by our engineers in order to deliver the highest standards of performance, mechanical reliability, safety.

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Gianluca Premoli

Business Manager Reaction Technology

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