Continuous Reactions

Major savings in production can be achieved by operating a process continuously. The BCT Loop Reactor has been adapted to continuous system and is being used increasingly due to its great potential to intensify the reaction. Significant shorter reaction time and the reduction of by-product formation is achieved. By cutting down operational costs up to 50 % such advantages can be realized not only in new plants but also by modifying existing ones.


The BCT Loop Reactor is well-known for its highest possible mass transfer and minimized reaction time. This makes it the ideal reactor system for continuous operation. Continuous operation results in a further reduction on utility and raw material consumption, on catalyst cost and it can even improve the product quality. In comparison to batch reactors a continuously operated BCT Loop Reactor can cut energy consumption and operational costs up to 50 %.

BCT engineers have developed other significant improvements to the BCT Loop Reactor to optimize continuous reactions even further.



Industrial Reference I (Batch BCT Loop Reactor vs. Continuous BCT Loop Reactor)

Hydrogenation of an Aliphatic Compound with a double bond:

Modification of a BCT Loop Reactor from batch to continuous

Pressure 30 barg 30 barg
Temperature 200 °C 200 °C
Vessel Volume 5 m3 5 m3
Total Batch Time 135 min. 100 min. (residence time)
Capacity 16'000 MTPY 25'000 MTPY
Catalyst Consumption ca. 0.15 kg/t ca. 0.05 kg/t
Energy Consumption ca. 6 kW/t ca. 2 kW/t


Industrial Experience II (Batch STR Cascade vs. Continuous BCT Loop Reactor)

Continuous Hydrogenation of Nitrobenzene to Aniline:

Pressure 10 barg 10 barg
Temperature 110 °C 110 °C
Vessel Volume  2 x 16 m3 Cascade 10 m3 Single Reactor
Reaction Time 80 min. 45 min.
Yield 95.7 % 97.0 %
Capacity 950 MTPY 1'500 MTPY
Catalyst Concentration 5 % Pd/C 2.5 % Pd/C
Catalyst Consumption 0.88 kg/t 0.34 kg/t



Many more processes than expected could be operated efficiently in a continuous mode. Such plants have significant economic advantages and as a consequence make your operation more efficient and increase your profitability.

Plant operators are invited to contact us for further information and support.

Prior to any industrial investment Buss ChemTech offers you pilot tests. Based on the trials we design the industrial plant and offer you a plant with full performance guarantee. This allows you to calculate your return on investment based on guaranteed figures you can count on.


Contact us and discover what you can expect and what we guarantee before you decide to build the industrial plant.


Benefits of Continuous Operation using the BCT Loop Reactor Technology

  • One reactor, no cascade
  • High conversion
  • Less catalyst consumption
  • Reduced environmental impact
  • Reduced by-products
  • All together resulting in

  • Lower operational costs
  • Attractive pay-back time