Customer replaces BUSS-Loop® Reactor…after 40 years of operation!
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Dottikon Exclusive Synthesis AG, Switzerland

Plant Capacity

4,000 liter multi-purpose hydrogenation unit


2025 (original unit was commission in 1973)

Scope of work

A Basic Engineering package for the BUSS-Loop® Reactor, as well as the key equipment, critical spares and field services during start-up and commissioning.

Project Description

Supply of technology, engineering and equipment as well as erection supervision to the client

Key features

Close coordination of the engineering and equipment production schedule, as well as the timing of the field services, was required as this and its sister unit were (and still are) strategic assets for the client and minimizing production downtime was of prime importance.
After more than 40 years of operation, the client decided to replace an old BUSS-Loop® Reactor used for the production of intermediates which are further processed into active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs).
One of three BUSS-Loop® Reactors installed in the early 1970’s, x-ray analysis revealed a weakening of the reactor walls. Replacement was decided the best course of action. One of the “sister” plants is still in operation after only receiving a new Reaction Pump in 2020.

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