Phosgene Safety
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Our long-term experience with handling highly toxic and hazordous substances, our in-depth scale-up knowhow, and proven safety philosphy results in an instrinsically safer industrial plant design which includes full performance guarantees.

Our phosgene production technology is characterized by:

  • No storage of liquefied phosgene
  • Low pressure operation
  • Very small gaseous phosgene hold-up
  • Double containment of all phosgene-containing equipment
  • Continuous purge of air in the containment
  • Double jacketed piping for all phosgene containing lines
  • Phosgene detectors in the purge gas stream
  • Independent ESD logic
  • Continous monitoring of the off-gas
  • All relevant welds 100% x-ray inspected
  • Heat transfer fluid reccirculation and indirect water cooling
  • Fully compliant with regulatory requirements

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Gianluca Premoli

Business Manager Reaction Technology

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Reliability is second only to safety

Buss ChemTech Phosgene Generators are capable of producing high-quality phosgene safely…24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

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