Phosgene Generator
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We offer phosgene generators with single-train capacities up to 13,000 kg/h (28,600 lbs/h) using CO and Clas starting materials.

Their flexible operation allows for an operating range of 10 to 100 % of nameplate capacity. For batch applications, the units can be put in «idle» after the reaction cycle comes to an end. Restarting the unit is simple and only requires a few minutes to produce high quality phosgene.

Furthermore, the plant can serve multiple consumers. Our highly flexible design is just one of the many outstnading attributes o four phosgene production technology.

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Gianluca Premoli

Business Manager Reaction Technology

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Project Delivery:

Tools & Techniques

Experienced and knowledgable engineers are a must, but so too are modern tools and techniques when designing safe plants. 

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Phosgene Generators

Like to learn more about our generators and our technology for reactions with phosgene? Then click on the link below.

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Phosgene Generator Safety

Safety is not a buzzword at BUSS ChemTech. It is the first consideration for every step of design, especially for our phosgene technologies.

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