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Building on our 35 years of experience delivering technology and equipment for the safe and economical production of phosgene, BUSS ChemTech has developed technology for  downstream phosgenation reactions.

BUSS ChemTech’s Advanced Phosgenation Reactor (APR) sets new standards for safe and efficient production of phosgene derivatives. It delivers the best possible phosgene utilization, thus minimizing the required amount of phosgene excess. This in turn results in safety and process economy benefits.

The APR is designed to handle the challenging hydraulic and thermal characteristics of phosgenation process to achieve high yields with excellent selectivity. This often eliminates downstream purification facilities that might otherwise be required.

Production and reaction combined

Ideally, the downstream phosgenation process is directly connected from the phosgene generator through a double jacketed pipe. In this way, safety and realiability of the phosgene generator are extended to the downstream phosgenation plant.

Our design includes fully automatic control of the entire production and downstream reaction with a hard-wired emergency shutdown system. Furthermore, the phosgenation unit is placed within a safety containment shell which is continusouly purged with air and monitored for leakage.

The purge air is sent to a safety absorption unit for neutralization prior to being released into the atmosphere. The off-gas from the process is sent to a separate process absorption unit for destruction of any phosgene prior to the incineration of non-destructible components. As with our phosgene generators, minimizing phosgene hold-up – in this case through maximizing reaction rate – is one of the main goals of our design engineers.

Joyful friends having a dinner party during the night on a terrace.

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Gianluca Premoli

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