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Sustainability is becoming ever more important across all industries – with the phosphate industry being no exception. Because of this, value creation needs to be built around a comprehensive sustainability strategy embracing ecological, technological, social and economic aspects.

One route to perfecting sustainability involves the conversion of low-value coproducts into value-added products, without any compromise to the four aspects mentioned above.

One of the most promising phosphate industry co-products, from both a value added and sustainability point of view, is Fluorosilicic Acid (FSA). Our process for the manufacture of anhydrous hydrofluoric acid from fluorosilicic acid and sulphuric acid combines the design knowledge and operating experience of Buss ChemTech AG and allows phosphoric acid manufacturers, who operate in a highly price sensitive industry, to generate a high value-added co-product for the first time.

This technology uses fluorosilicic acid as a raw material. Fluorosilicic acid is produced in significant quantities as a by-product during conversion of apatite to phosphoric acid and unless it is utilised or neutralised, the potential for serious pollution and environmental damage is high.

Our technology provides a high yield of anhydrous hydrofluoric acid with efficient raw materials consumption and cost. Product hydrofluoric acid is tailored optimally to meet your requirements. Sulphuric acid, used as a catalyst in the process, is recycled to the fertiliser plant. A comprehensive environmental protection design ensures maximum safety and protection for both personnel and environment.

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Emre Sen

Business Manager Fluorine Technology

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