Green Anode Plant

BUSS ChemTech AG (BCT) offers the full scope of complete turnkey Green Anode Plants and upgrades to existing Green Anode Plants including technology enhancements. Our knowhow is based on 60+ years of experience in the aluminium industry focusing on dedicated anode production processes. We are a strong and reliable partner thanks to that experience and the many innovations we have made to the process over the years.

BCT Green Anode Plant


  • Low Green Anode Plant OPEX
  • Fully continuous production

As a single source contractor with extensive process experience, BCT provides its clients with continuously improved and fully dedicated proprietary and key equipment.


Our compact and modular process concept is based on fully continuous process flow which allows flexibility and improved cost efficiency. Reduced equipment requirements, proven performance and a dedicated process design, lead to remarkable advantages beyond the traditional process standards:

  • Compact design, short conveying distances
  • Continuous raw material “just in time” process with considerably reduced material segregation
  • Fully continuous and well-known BCT Horizontal Paste Line (HPL) for the most homogeneous paste preparation
  • Unique anode forming process with high production availability and significantly reduced maintenance cost
  • BCT’s fully customized Plant Controlling System (SCADA)

Benefits of BCT’s dry material handling module:

  • Compact just-in-time process material supply/storage
  • Less material in process without segregation
  • Fully continuous operation with adjustable throughput regulation
  • Reduced noise level

Benefits of BCT’s anode paste preparation module:

  • Compact design / reduced building size
  • A fully horizontal process flow / no gravity influence
  • Homogeneous paste preparation with reduced pitch content
  • High Green Paste density


BCT re-introduced the hydraulic anode press with new technology in cooperation with partner (Laeis GmbH) known as a global leader in industrial pressing technology. This new system maintains existing advantages of the hydraulic anode press compared to vibro compacting forming technology. Improvements closed the gap and outperforms the vibro compactor technology.

The main advantages are:

  • Low maintenance
  • High process availability
  • Improved anode density and densification
  • High anode dimensional accuracy / fewer rejects
  • Low paste pressing temperature / lower emissions
  • Fast mold change
  • Low noise

BCT Green Anode Plant (conceptual visualization)