BCT Key Equipment

BUSS ChemTech AG (BCT) offers a broad range of high quality key equipment to ensure long production life cycles with low maintenance and operating costs. Successfully delivering customized solutions reflecting the individual requirements of our clients has been BCT’s specialty for over 60 years. Our range of equipment are carefully developed and enhanced in close cooperation with our clients and world leading partners. BUSS ChemTech is the right partner with the right solution for the most demanding process requirements.


  • The highest quality key-equipment
  • Technical support and spare parts coverage over many decades to come

The scope of our specific key equipment’s for our green anode plant includes but is not limited to:

  • BCT Coke Preheater
  • BCT Paste Kneader
  • BCT Söderberg Paste Extruder
  • BCT Automation System (SCADA)
  • Hydraulic Anode Press
  • Horizontal Paste Cooling
  • Customized dry material handling systems
  • Coke dust and fume treatment systems


The BCT Coke Preheater series is equipped with hollow flight multiple screws with an integrated coke fines recovery system. This machine delivers the most efficient heat transfer on the market. The heat energy is delivered using hot oil and transferred over the screw shaft and preheater housing heat exchanger to the dry coke material. The most recent improvements to the bearing design have extended the operating life and durability of this machine. A unique hollow flight geometry more evenly distributes and efficiently transfers heat to the coke dry fraction, further increasing performance.


  • No coke segregation
  • High energy efficiency
  • Homogenous transfer of heat to the dry coke
  • Long life and low maintenance




Our well-known BCT Paste Kneader became the industry benchmark and continues to be the defining standard. Throughout the years, continuous improvements to reliability, mixing quality and production performance have been made to meet the ever-changing production requirements. Our latest BCT Paste Kneader incorporates the latest leap in kneading technology with a newly designed process zone and improved wear protection characteristics.


  • Homogeneous paste production
  • Lowest possible pitch content
  • Increased throughput
  • High production availability & low maintenance costs

BCT Paste Kneader


The paste is pressed and anodes are formed at low temperatures (ca. 115-125°C) by using well proven pressing technology. The pressing process is performed under high vacuum. A special gravimetric dosing and mould filling system guarantees minimal weight fluctuation and uniform density distribution

Your advantages are as follows:

  • High availability (low maintenance downtime, mould change feasible in 1 hour)
  • High green anode density and optimal anode paste distribution
  • High anode dimensional accuracy and high green strength
  • Low fume and PAH emissions
  • Throughput capacity up to 60 anodes/h